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Aesthetic Porcelain Studios, Inc.

3213 Dewitt Dr

Los Angeles, CA 90068

213 926 9047 (david's cell) PRIM

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Welcome to Aesthetic Porcelain Studios, Inc.

Denture Lab, Partial Frame Lab, Full Service (Crown & Bridge plus Dentures)

Years of Service:   Over 15 Years

Number of Technicians:   6-15 Technicians

Special:   No special available at this time.

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Products & Services

Crown & Bridge

  • Empress or other Pressed Ceramic
  • Finesse All Ceramic
  • Full Gold Crowns
  • Implant Restorations
  • PFM to High Noble
  • PFM to Noble (Semi-Precious)
  • PFM to Non Precious
  • Polymer Resin Restorations
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Precision Attachment Restorations
  • Zirconia Crowns


    • Bruxism Appliances
    • Flexite Partials
    • Full Dentures
    • Implant Restorations
    • Over Dentures
    • Partial Dentures
    • Partial Frames
    • Precision Attachment Restorations
    • Vacuum Formed Appliances
    • Valplast
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    Education Background

    • 1968-1970 - University of California, Los Angeles. Dental Laboratory Technicians program
    • Worked with Elliot Lafanier, “Ceramist of the Stars”
    • 1973-’75: Apprenticeship under renowned Dr. Peter K. Thomas.
    • Instructor at St. Louis University with Dr. Joe Blaes, for “Veneers Made Easy.”
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    "I would heartily recommend David and the Aesthetic Porcelain Studios as your full service dental laboratory. I know that you will not be disappointed."

    "I have been using and recommending Aesthetic Porcelain Studios for years. Not only do they do fantastically beautiful work, but David Block and the rest of the crew are always on the cutting edge of laboratory technology. It is great to have an objective ear to turn to when planning a case, and the staff at Aesthetic Porcelain have always been courteous and extremely knowledgeable. The REAL test, however, came this summer when it was time to get eight veneers done on my own mouth!! I chose Aesthetic Porcelain Studios without hesitation, and the results are spectacular. So many people (including dentists across the country) have been complimenting me on my smile. But the amazing thing is, they look so natural, no one can tell they are veneers!! And you can only imagine what happens when I flash a smile to a potential veneer patient, and then tell them that mine are veneers also! The case is SOLD!! No question about it, for veneers, aesthetic crowns, suction cup dentures, inlay bridges, and many other innovative lab products, Aesthetic Procelain Studios is the way to go! "

    "Over the years I've come to value David Block of Aesthetic Porcelain Studios as a friend, but also an incredible technician and innovator. David is someone who really enjoys what he does and his passion for dentistry is contagious. Anytime I want to discuss a difficult case with David, he is always available, and he's not "shy" when it comes to providing suggestions (or ways to design or prepare a case) to obtain outstanding results. I like that! David is also on the leading edge when it comes to developing new products and ideas. (His Block Bridge, EZ Porcelain repair kit, suction cup denture, etc. are examples.) This Spring I needed some dental work done in my own mouth, and I decided to let David and Aesthetic Porcelain Studios do the case. The results were simply amazing...ideal shade and contours, perfect fit, and only one small spot that needed to be adjusted! If you haven't tried Aesthetic Porcelain Studios yet...give them a call today at 1-800-544-9605. "

    "This laboratory is one of the leading aesthetic dental laboratories in the country, and the first dental laboratory in the United States to receive ISO certification. Interestingly, David Block is also the inventor of the Block all-porcelain bridge, the EZ Suctioncup denture and EZ-Shade (custom shade guide kit)."

    "Aesthetic Porcelain Studios? I wouldn't begin a big case without them. Their suctioncup dentures are a must for flat, gummy and knife-edge ridged cases! My patients and I love them." Thanks to David and his staff for consistent quality!!! "

    "My lab of choice is Aesthetic Porcelain Studios. The results I get make me look like a hero. Besides producing stunning, all porcelain crowns and veneers, you may have never seen a PFM look like a real tooth, but David's lab produces some of the most gorgeous, accurate work I have seen. Combine that with some very competitive prices and you will be extremely satisfied. Thanks! "

    "...after David had done his work, the turnaround was stunning. Call David today."

    "...after many years as a practicing dentist, and as Technology Editor for Dental Economics, I've acquired (and evaluated) a lot of technical knowledge. I've also discovered a lab that demonstrates the excellent technical skills and knowledge, that I value and require. David Block and the staff at Aesthetic Porcelain Studios, Inc., really delivers the outstanding results you deserve to receive! Give them a try, you won't regret it."

    "One of my longest term employees had only a limited number of anterior teeth. His treatment plan could have been a technical nightmare. Instead, with enormous thanks and gratitude to David Block and Aesthetic Porcelain Studios of Los Angeles, I'm looking at one of the happiest biggest ear-to-ear smiles I've ever seen! The case was saved by Aesthetic Porcelain Studios' special knack with Val Plast partials. I porcelain veneered all of the existing teeth, followed by the creation of a full beautiful smile thanks to their expertise with this unreal type of partial. The insertion was without adjustment, and comfortable from the very first second! The best part was when my bookkeeper said "I had NO idea which were the real teeth, and which were the new partial!" They really do look that incredible. We are thrilled with the results, and can't say enough about David and what he's done to put a permanent huge smile on our collective faces!"

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    Aesthetic Porcelain Studios, Inc.

    3213 Dewitt Dr

    Los Angeles, CA 90068

    Contact:   David Block (owner) Al (operations Manager)

      Phone: 213 926 9047 (david's cell) PRIM

      Fax: 323 850-1466



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