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Dcs Dental Laboratory, Inc.

8842 Goodbys Executive Dr

Jacksonville, FL 32217

904 448-0011

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Welcome to Dcs Dental Laboratory, Inc.

Crown & Bridge Lab, Denture Lab, Partial Frame Lab, Full Service (Crown & Bridge plus Dentures)

Years of Service:   Over 15 Years

Number of Technicians:   Over 15 Technicians

Special:   No special available at this time.

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Products & Services

Crown & Bridge

  • Cerec
  • Empress or other Pressed Ceramic
  • Etkon Zirconia Oxide
  • Finesse All Ceramic
  • Full Gold Crowns
  • Implant Restorations
  • In-Ceram
  • Lava
  • PFM to High Noble
  • PFM to Noble (Semi-Precious)
  • PFM to Non Precious
  • Polymer Resin Restorations
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Precision Attachment Restorations
  • Procera
  • Provisional Restorations
  • Zirconia Crowns


    • Anti-Snoring Devices
    • Bruxism Appliances
    • Flexite Partials
    • Full Dentures
    • Implant Restorations
    • Over Dentures
    • Partial Dentures
    • Partial Frames
    • Precision Attachment Restorations
    • Vacuum Formed Appliances
    • Valplast


      • Haas Expanders
      • Hawley Retainers
      • Impak Bionators
      • Lingual Arches
      • Nance Holding Arch
      • Palatal Expanders
      • Pendulum Appliance
      • Sagittal Appliances
      • Schwartz Appliances
      • Space Maintainers
      • Study Models

      Digital Capabilities

      Has a ScannerYES
      Scanner Type
      • Dental Wings
      • 3shape
      Design Software
      • 3shape
      Has a MillYES
      Mill Type
      • Roland
      • Master mill
      Mills BridgesYES
      Accepts Bar WorkYES
      Accepts Files from DentistsYES
      Dental Lab Education Icon

      Education Background

      • Dennis Sartoris, Owner, Certified Dental Technician since 1989. Mark Devery, General Manager, Certified Dental Technician since 1976. Four additional certified dental technicians on team.
      • Dennis attended East Texas State University, Commerce TX and Honorable Discharge from US Navy as a Dental Technician 1972, Orlando, FL
      • In-Ceram System and milling techniques of "CEREC In Lab" 2004
      • Mid Atlantic Center for Advanced Dental Study; "Treatment Planning Optimum Dentistry", Chesapeke, VA 2004
      • Cerec, "CAD-CAM" in Esthetic Dentistry, Dr. Don Galbo, 2002
      • Seattle Institute for Advanced Dental Education, "Advanced Esthetic & Restorative Management", Seattle, WA 2001
      • Branemark 2000 Reunion Group, Surgical Prosthetic Novum Training Program, Spokane, WA, 2000 Surgical Cirriculum Branemark Implant System; Zygomatics course, Jacksonville, FL 1999
      • Dawson Alumni - "Implementing the Concepts of Complete Dentistry", Orlando, FL 1998
      • Quintessence Publishing Company & LSU School of Dentistry, 15th International Symposium on Ceramics. Orlando, FL 1996
      • The American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics - Mastership 1995
      • Sterri Oss - 1 day implant technique course, Jacksonville, FL 1995
      • Seattle Institute for Advanced Dental Education - "Equilibration; Diagnosis & Treatment of Occlusal Problems", 1998
      • 3-I - 1 day prosthetic lecture workshop, Jacksonville, FL 1995
      • Branemark; 2 day Procera/Titanium, Westmont, IL 1995
      • L.D. Pankey Institute; Technician Level I, 1994
      • Branemark Reunion Group with Professor Branemark, Victoria, BC 1993
      • Triad Visible Light Cure System, 1993
      • IMZ Prosthetic Workshop, Jacksonville, FL 1993
      • "Maximizing Anterior Aesthetics", Ronald R. Gangi, CDT, Orlando, FL 1992
      • 3-I, 1 day, Jacksonville, FL 1992
      • 3-I Implant Symposium; 2 day, West Palm Beach, FL 1992
      • Branemark, 2 day, Dr. Engleman, Jacksonville, FL 1992
      • 3-I, 2 day, Dr. Lazzara, Atlanta, GA 1989
      • "PERform" denture system, denture fabrication technique, 1986
      • Emanuel Palgon, "Porcelain for the Natural Look", 1985
      • Dental Seminars, Inc., "Etched Casting Resin Bonded Retainer - The Maryland Bridge", 1983
      • Unitek Vita "VMK-68 & Vitadur-N" course 1981
      • IPS E-Max certification, Ivoclar Vivadent, Buffalo, NY December, 2010
      Dental Lab References Icon


      "You have been a trusted friend and foundation on which our dental practice is built. Your honesty, dedication and concern for the patients is genuine. The WIT attitude says it all. You put your heart and your best into everything you do"

      "My staff and my patients have benefited from your expertise and attention to detail for many years now, I can only hope that I retire from practice before you retire from lab support!"

      "Thanks for all your great years of service and quality work! You have been an important member of our team and we celebrate the 20 years that we have been working together."

      "Twenty years, where have they gone? It's been a pleasure working with someone with so much passion and heart all these years!"

      "Through the years we have had the opportunity to work together and some of my fondest memories have been at chairside doing a custom color and "discussing" occlusion! You have taught me a great deal about dentistry. I hope you can do it for 30 more years!"

      "Your success comes from hard work, dedication, kindness and respect for your employees and clients!"

      "In today's confused world of TMJ therapy, Dennis has stood strong for what is right for the patients. I used to think I was fired up about patient care focusing on TMJ disorders . . . until I began interacting with Dennis!"

      "Thank you for the special care you provided with my new crown. I really appreciate you taking the time, on all these occasions, to come to the dental office to look at the progress and help with solutions to get the perfect shade and fit."

      "Dear denture department. You've never met me, but I'm carrying something very important made by you around with me; my two front teeth! You made them very quickly and beautifully for me and I really treasure them."

      "Thank you, Dennis and Mark, for taking the time to talk with me about my new insights from Pankey. It was very helpful and I appreciate you being a part of my journey."

      "A year or so ago, you spoke with me at Dr. *'s office about correcting my smile with crowns. I was concerned about the cost and you said "aren't you worth it"! That stuck with me and I decided that I was worth it! I love my new smile & I wanted to thank you for helping me make that decision! They look great and I am a smiling fool (for the first time in my life)!"

      "Once in awhile a simple phone call of thanks does not cut it. So I'm writing to say "Thank You" for the beautiful crowns that were done for Mrs. A. The artistry and craftsmanship were excellent and your help at the chair was invaluable. I appreciate your professionalism and abilities."

      "On behalf of the dental officers of Branch Dental Clinic, I take pleasure in extending my sincere appreciation to you and your staff for your contribution to our Professional Training Program. We found your presentation "Dental Imaging" very well prepared, professionally done and extremely informative. We are extremely fortunate to have access to someone of your expertise and knowledge."

      "Thank you for your hospitality and generosity of allowing us to tour your office with the University of Florida Residents. I believe the experience made a profound impression on the doctors."

      "Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for making it possible for us to have the camera system. It has increased patient treatment acceptance and reinforced the Doctor-Patient trust factor which is critical! We appreciate your committment to our office."

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      Dcs Dental Laboratory, Inc.

      8842 Goodbys Executive Dr

      Jacksonville, FL 32217

      Contact:   Dory Sartoris

        Phone: 904 448-0011

        Fax: 1-904-448-5617



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